Colores de Colombia Playing Cards


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All the joy and colors of Colombia, in a unique, custom deck of playing cards. Colores de Colombia, printed by NPCC, limited to 500 numbered units.

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Colores de Colombia is a proyect born to celebrate Colombia, and also our first design. Printed by NPCC on 310 gsm Premium German Linen and limited to 500 numbered units.

The deck is entirely custom-designed, featuring hand-drawn tuck case, court cards and jokers, and it represents the culmination of a five-month long cultural and artistic study of the variety of Colombia. The main theme of the back is the jungle, from which all the characters, animals and places emerge. After a long back and forth we went for tarot-like, one-sided court cards: despite losing some playability, this allowed us to tell a story and to have bigger versions of the drawings, all different in style.

Each suit refers to a specific geographical sub-theme: hearts is the coastal area, chill and and colorful; spades is la Guajira, the beautiful desert that faces the sea and borders Venezuela; clubs is inland Colombia, the jungle and the plains; and diamonds is the Pacific Coast, again nature and color.


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