Guns, Jazz and Whiskey old

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Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Jazz music has just made its way from the South. The Spades represent its mesmerizing role on society.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey


Jack of Spades

Victor has been in and out countless times, has a terrible mood and everybody knows not to provoke him. But when his lips touch the sax, magic his all that comes out of it. Because music is mysteriously powerful.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey


Queen of Spades

Her name is Jasmine -at least, everyone calls her that. As you approach The Bespectacled Swine, the most infamous speakeasy in Lower East Side, her voice will welcome you every night like a siren. By far the purest soul you’ll find in this wicked city.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey


King of Spades

If you close your eyes, and let Pablo’s trumpet speak to you, it will be impossible not to burst into tears. Because there is something in the way those notes rise, break the snow-heavy clouds, and come back down to Earth, oblivious to the laws of Physics, that no human can understand.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Prohibition is making the mobs rich. You want to steer clear of their women.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Jack Smilzo

Jack of Hearts

“Jack”, Giacomo for those that know his family or want to speak to him seriously. Way too hot-headed to be walking around with a weapon. Somehow, though, he was never linked to anything illegal. Which is remarkable, since he literally executed each of the illegal plans in the neighborhood.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey


Queen of Hearts

What to say about Rita? She’s obviously of Italian descent. Always impeccable, and men would fight to death for her attention. But don’t let her kitchy attire fool you. As naive and shallows as she looks, a snap of her fingers would mean your end.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey


King of Hearts

Everyone just knows him as “Dottore”, the doctor. He -as a matter of facet- is exceptionally book smart. But, to become Padrino at age 29, you have to be crazy streed smart as well. And ruthless, of course. Don’t double-cross him.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

To be a cop in this neighborhood, you need some guts, but is it their whole job not to make you drink?

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Patrick O'Brian

Jack of Clubs

What was O’Brian thinking when he joined the law enforcement? He wanted to do good. He hadn’t realized that not much good is going on there. These are though years. In six months, he put up 10 pounds and lost much of his hair.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Jennifer Cohen

Queen of Clubs

It is extremely rare for a woman to be able to join the Police. Or to want to join it. Jennifer comes from a long line of loyal servants of justice. She decided, however, that she’d rather direct the growing traffic in the Lower East Side. Better than being part of whatever shenanigan is going on.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Chief Vincent Klubowski

King of Clubs

Chief Vincent Klubowski has been the sheriff forever. Everybody here fears him except, it would seem, the gangsters. Not much is known about him: he’s Polish, his past is unknown, but he’s said to have been very, very close to the families that run the city.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Some people need to fight to see another day. 
Even in 20s economic boom, where the only way is up.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey


Jack of Diamonds

Billy, twelve years old. That’s about all we know about the newsboy. He will be out there everyday, under the snow or the scorching sun, selling his stack of newspapers. And giving out stock tips to anybody that wants to listen -because in the 1920s, stocks only go up.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey

Clara Dettori

Queen of Diamonds

Clara is at the speakeasy every night, drinking amounts of glasses that would knock out a bison. She takes great interest in men who are tipsy and looking for fun, showing them to a backdoor. She’s so subtle that nobody else will even notice her.

Guns Jazz and Whiskey


King of Diamonds

You’d expect someone moody and shady slinging drinks during Prohibition. Hector is everything but that. Well, obviously, on the surface. If you don’t pay your tap -which often doubles overnight-his gentle manners will be gone long enough to teach you a thing or two.

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