At LUNE playing cards, we have one specific task we want to accomplish: turning ink into color.

Lune Playing Cards

Our Story

Medellín, 09/20/2019

LUNE playing cards started in early 2019. The goal? I wanted to create something to celebrate the beauty of Colombia, a beautiful country that I had moved to for no particular reason. Hence the idea: to create a deck of playing cards that could express the color and chaos of this beautiful place, and to try to crowdfund it. A crazy idea, indeed: I am no designer, I did not have a brand, nobody really knew me in the playing cards world, and it was a very, dramatically specific niche. But, as they say, where there is a will there is a way.

Colores de Colombia was born over a five month trial-and-error, feedback-rich process. I themed up with Pilar, a Colombian graphic designer, and we worked hard on creating sub-themes that could tell a story. The goal: to make visual everything that Colombia was to us. In a painstaking iterative process, we added, removed and edited, seeking out feedback in the collectors community. On our first attempt, in the overcrowded Kickstarter world, as a completely unknown brand, Colores de Colombia got funded.

What is next? We needed a brand, a style. A website. A plan. Was it worth it to keep going? We still had to turn a profit. Thing is, even with no experience designing playing cards, the feedback was overly positive. And more importantly, we had fun. Lots of it. So, here comes.

Our Mission

We design unique and colorful playing cards, for everyone to collect, enjoy and play with.

We want to bring color to the world, by sharing themes, colors and designs that inspire us.

Our Vision

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Colores de Colombia Playing Cards
Colores de Colombia Playing Cards
Colores de Colombia Playing Cards